As we all know, moving takes a lot of time, planning, and effort. While the idea of starting fresh in a new home, neighborhood, city, or even state is exhilarating, the steps involved are often overwhelming. Making sure you’ve tied up all the loose ends at your former location, carefully and strategically packed everything to ensure that the unpacking process is convenient, made sure not to forget anything, and on and on. There’s a lot to get done to move to a new house. Even more so when you throw kids and dogs into the mix! At The Osborne Realty Group, we know Louisville real estate like the back of our hand, and we’ve seen and helped countless families move into their new home, so we feel it’s our duty to give you some tips and advice on moving with your young ones and four-legged pals.

The most important thing is ensuring that the transition is as easy and fluid as possible. If you just pack up a moving truck one day, and bring your loved ones into a new house and say, “This is home now!”, they might be a little shell-shocked. So let’s go through a couple things you can do to have the smoothest move possible. If you want more information about our office or are looking to buy or sell a home in Louisville, contact us today!

Do Your Research

This is especially beneficial for your children. If you’re moving far away, it’s likely that they’re upset about leaving their school, friends, and everything else that they’ve grown accustomed to. So, to get them excited, do a bit of research together. Look up different attractions that they’ll enjoy in the new location. This could be movie theatres, parks, restaurants, theme parks, etc. The more involved you have them in planning for the new home, the more involved they’ll feel, and they’ll get excited as well. Start making plans about what you’ll do once you get comfortable in the house, and continue to stay positive about the entire move.

If you live close by, take a little field trip! They’ll have wide eyes as you go around town finding fun and exciting things that you’ll be able to do in the new home.

Meet the Neighbors

Specifically, with the really young ones, kids can be hesitant about meeting new people and making new friends. If able, before the move, meet some of your soon-to-be neighbors, especially those with kids around the same age as yours. Arrange a play date, or bring the family out for dinner. If your kiddo is able to make a couple friends before you even move into your new home, the easier the transition will be. This can help with the dog too! As ridiculous as it may sound, having your furry family member meet and smell other dogs in your future neighborhood, the more comfortable they will be when the time comes!

Go On a Walk

This tip is good for the kids and the dogs. Look up some great walking routes in the area, find the nearest dog park, or just walk around the neighborhood. Once again, the most important thing is to get them comfortable with the new location so it’s not as intimidating and new when your family moves.

Take a Drive

If it’s a new town for you and your loved ones, take a drive around and get a feel for your new home. It’s not necessary but bring the pets along for the ride too (you know they’ll love it). Look for restaurants that the whole family will enjoy. Make plans for future traditions, point out funny or interesting stores. Simply get to know the town. This will be good for you as well, for you’ll start to get your bearings on certain routes you’ll need to take to work or to drop the kids off at school.

The Osborne Realty Group

Moving can be scary, exhilarating, stressful, fun, and the like. You’ll be experiencing a lot of emotions, as well as your children, and yes, your dog or dogs too. So if you just bought a new house in Louisville and are beginning your preparations for the move, make sure to remember to make the move as easy as possible for everyone in the family. If you’re not currently moving, but are looking to buy or sell a house, contact our office today.

Our team of real estate agents has the knowledge, experience, and most importantly, a devotion to our clients. We’re proud of what we do, and part of the reason we’re in realty is to help families find their forever home, or to make selling the house as easy and quick as possible, for you, your children, and your pets too! We look forward to working with you!